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Charlie has a bright and colourful voice, which complements her Edinburgh charm. However she is often called upon to voice characters for dark and comical dramas. 

In 2018 Charlie was one of three main characters alongside Alex Lawther (End of the F*cking World, Blackmirror) and Olga Amelia Silkina in a seven-part radio drama recorded in Malmo's Tambourine Studios. The London Necropolis Railway has had over 50,000 downloads and premiered at the Lund Fantastik Film Festival. 

Charlie is currently working on a number of audio dramas and is able to record professionally from home. 

For voice reels, clips and podcasts, please see below...

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Please play the selection of clips below or access them via Spotlight. If you have any questions or would like further samples, please get in touch. 


Commercial voice reel in natural Edinburgh accent


Sketch from comedy podcast Pick of the Noises also starring Paul Foxcroft


Clip of Charlie as Siobhan in the six-part comedy-drama series London Necropolis Railway


Sitcoms, Comedy Dramas, Sketch Shows, Improv Comedy, Live Recordings and Interviews


Audio Comedy-Drama Series

Audio drama starring Alex Lawther (End of the F*cking World, Blackmirror), Charlie Vero-Martin, Olga Silkina. Recorded at Tambourine Studios, Malmo and premiered at the Fantastik Film Festival, Lund.


The first episode from Chazz Redheads "Pilot Season" series. 
Dark and absurd comedy. 
Charlie plays Dr Wells who has gotten in a bit too deep at this mysterious laboratory.

Sitcom Recorded Live

Comedy-noir with a zombie detective. Now in its fourth season starring London's favourite sketch and improv comedians. 

Charlie appears as a dumb witted security guard in "Unwrapping the Mummy Mystery" and in "The Con-Test" as the Loch Ness Monster.

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Sketch Show

Radio parody sketch show also starring Thom Tuck, Paul Foxcroft and Andrea Hubert. 
Charlie wrote additional sketches for this series as well as providing voices.

Improvised Movie Director Podcast

Join Martina Minnow in conversation with Charlie (Meredith Mountain) as they discuss clips from her latest film. A completely improvised comedy show.

Improvised Movie Director Podcast Live

The first episode to ever be recorded in front of a lice audience at Hoopla Impro. Once again Charlie was guest director.

tru hap.png

Featured Live Performance

Comedy Fanfiction podcast produced by Ellen Waddell. This episode features a recording of my Agent Carter/Indiana Jones fanfiction from the popular live show in Shoreditch.

Podcast Interview

Charlie talks about her time as a tour guide in the most haunted place in the world with hilarious comedian and writer Emily McKenna Winter (The New Yorker, The Today Show, NPR)

Podcast Interview

Jack Gregson & Josh Pappenheim are working their way through Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company's catalogue and I was invited to discuss Murder Mystery.


Podcast Interview

Charlie chats to stand-up comedian Stephen Trumble (Comedy Central) about the word "Enchantment".

Podcast Interview

Darryl Edge is on a quest to watch and understand every film made by Nicolas Cage. In this episode he talks to Charlie in depth about the 2009 animation film G-Force

Podcast Interview

Stuart Moses has interviewed hundreds of specialists in the London improv community. This interview took place in 2017 before Charlie embarked on her first solo run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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