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Charlie started performing Improv comedy in 2008 when she joined St Andrews University's Blind Mirth. With them she performed weekly (short and long-form) as well as three, sold-out, five-star runs at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Since moving to London in 2014, Charlie has become a regular on the improv circuit, performing and guesting frequently at Hoopla, the Nursery, the FA and with shows such as Questing Time. For many years she was a member of Glitch - The Improvised Puppet Show as well as a two-prov and solo improv acts.


She now regularly coaches and teaches both short and long-form improv. If you'd like her to coach her, please get in touch via email.

For information about hiring Charlie for bespoke corporate improv training, please visit her other website Improv for Business UK

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