Charlie started performing Improv comedy in 2008 when she joined St Andrews University's Blind Mirth. With them she performed weekly (short and long-form) as well as three, sold-out, five-star runs at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Since moving to London in 2014, Charlie has become a regular on the improv circuit, performing and guesting frequently at Hoopla, the Nursery, the FA and with shows such as Questing Time. For many years she was a member of Glitch - The Improvised Puppet Show as well as a two-prov and solo improv acts.

She now regularly teaches and coaches both short and long-form improv. She also hosts a semi-regular comedy cabaret night at Hoopla Improv Theatre

For information about hiring Charlie for bespoke corporate improv training, please visit her other website Improv for Business UK