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Ed Fringe 2019

Guaranteed to be the only show at the Fringe about spolia*, Scottish character comedian Charlie Vero-Martin presents her most personal show yet, exploring the collision of history, memory and early 00s dance movies over the course of one very important year.
2019 is a big one for Charlie’s family: there’s been a death, a birth and, soon, a marriage. They’ve ticked all the official boxes, but surely there’s more to life than your census record?
If her history degree has taught her anything, it’s that remembering the past is a messy, and often impossible, subject. In this part-lecture, part-character comedy show, Charlie introduces you to some of history’s biggest icons as you’ve never seen them before. Napoleon offers a unique perspective on self-help, Jane Austen is tired of the gossip, and motivational speaker Amelia Earhart delivers an inspirational feminist manifesto.
Inspired by their portrayals, and the many complexities of bringing the dead back to life (not literally), Charlie reflects on how she might be remembered. Once a passionate dancer, then history geek, and now a comedian, will she leave more than some dates and a name, and will she ever dance again?
This is an intelligent, uplifting hour for anyone who has ever obsessed about the past or worried about the future, without living in the present. Expect opinionated puppets, strange stories and a show-stopping finale!
* Spolia is the act, or art, of repurposing old things. There, you already learned something!

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