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Whisper Sweet Nothings...

Last Halloween I did a wee blog about some of the spooky podcasts and shows I've been part of so I thought I'd do something similar for Valentine's Day! Somehow though I seem to get cast in more horror-comedies than rom-coms so this might be quite short...

First off, get your rocks off! Or rather... not. Recently the lovely Petros Patsilivas asked to join me on a journey of watching and reviewing the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy for his podcast Caged In: Coppola Connections. Here's how we got on...

Non-Coppola Connections 01: Fifty Shades Of Grey...

The first in the trilogy and the first episode of our journey. As there is no actual Coppola connection, Pedros had originally suggested we combined this film with the second but once we watched in we realised there was going to be FAR TOO much to talk about. And so I became the first to break with Caged In tradition.

Check out why here.

Coppola Connections 28: Fifty Shades Darker (2017)...

Considering how low my expectations were I couldn't believe how much this film still managed to disappoint.

It is possibly the most forgettable film ever and yet it has a helicopter crash in it (spoiler alert). So forgettable that despite having seen it two days before recording I could hardly remember any of it. Listen to our rage bubble here.

Coppola Connections 30: Fifty Shades Freed (2018)

This episode was our favourite of the three to record and the film was actually ok!

We laughed, we cried, we bonded. What a wonderful way to end this strange and decidedly unsexy adventure.

Listen to us share our thoughts and a bit too much about ourselves here.

50 Uses for the Word Love

Going back a few years now but definitely appropriate for this blog, is this episode with the incredibly lovable Stephen Trumble.

In 2019 Stephen and I spent several hours sipping Old Fashioneds and discussing the concept of "enchantment".

It was an absolute delight and perfect listening for the romantic season.

Dear Harry/Spock the Podcast

I adored performing at this live show produced by the amazing Ellen Waddell and was gutted when my next appearance was cancelled by covid. Sadly the show never came back but luckily she put together a "best of" series during lockdown!

And finally, I know it's not really Valentine's Day related but I'D LOVE YOU FOREVER if you were in Leicester on the 20th February and made it to my BRAND NEW COMEDY HOUR: Flippiningo! I cannot stress how new it is... Pay £5 to reserve or PWYW on the door, full details here.

I'll then be at ACMS on the 21st and then not really performing again until after the 19th March because that's when I'm getting married! Which is actually romantic.


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