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The 24/7 Club – Ed Fringe ’18

The 24/7 Club was my second one-woman, character comedy show and my first full-length, solo run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

If you want a quick insight into how the show was received, why not read this lovely 4 star review from Edinburgh Festivals Magazine…

“This is one of the most compelling shows you will see this year. It is charming, hilarious and beautiful. An absolute must-see.” – Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

In this show I play historical characters who were all born on my birthday – the 24th July. Once again regardless of space and time, the show suggests that these characters all exist in the same world, this time it’s a speakeasy called The 24/7 Club.

You can find out who I share a birthday with and the research behind the show in this blog post about the making of the show’s trailer.

For the sake of this 50 minute performance however, I only featured the following figures: the misunderstood, ’20s hot-mess Zelda Fitzgerald; the incredibly enthusiastic Amelia Earhart; Wonder Woman, or two “wonderful-women” of science Alice Ball and Frances Oldham Kelsey, and Bill the Butcher.


What was unusual for me this year was that I also appeared as myself. I’m known as a character and improv comedian but it seemed necessary in a show all about people born on my birthday that I share some of my own experiences.

Like many born on and around my birthday (the Cusp of Oscillation!) I have had issues with severe anxiety and depression, which seems at odds with my chosen career and what most people perceive as vital parts of my personality.

I am now in a comfortable and confident place to examine these issues for the benefit of others – I am also currently studying for a qualification in CBT and physiotherapy!

“a talented and funny writer/performer who deserves a wider audience, a bigger venue and lots of birthday cards next year” – Dark Chat

The show therefore climaxes with me revealing my negative voice, portrayed by a small, puppet version of me. I address how harmful these thought processes can be but also how alarmingly common this problem is in our society and how we can handle it.


I was overwhelmed by the response to the show and particularly to the final message. There is a lot to process but I plan to write a fuller post about the conversation in the show regarding mental health very soon.

For now, please take a look at some of these wonderful audience reviews and this great review by blogger Dark Chat.

Thank you so much to all those who came and supported the show.


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