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What's the buzz tell me what's a happening...

I don't particularly like Jesus Christ Superstar but I thought it was a more exciting title than UPCOMING GIGS. So here's a list of... UPCOMING GIGS!

5th February - Tickled Pink Online

Part of Leicester Comedy Festival's online programme Tickled Pink brings a "transatlantic joke fight".

7th February - Soho Theatre

Finally doing my Stand-up Comedy Lab five along with some other lovely funny friends

I've appeared at this delightful comedy lecture show twice before as Professor Von Platt Fuss and Dante but this will be the first time I'm appearing as myself! Very excited to be sharing a bill with Isy Suttie and Richard Vranch.

10th February - Charlie's Comedy Cabaret

It's back baby! I'm very excited about the line-up I have for you: Ria Lina, Katie Pritchard, Matthew Highton, Blake AJ, Qin Wang, Eliza Cass, Sam Nicoresti, Sally Hodgkiss and Minority Report. Stand-up, Improv, Characters and Musical Comedy!

19th February - Weirdos Presents: Envelopes at Leicester Comedy Festival

I have no idea what this show is going to be about but it's going to be mad fun.

20th February - Charlie Vero-Martin: Flippiningo (WIP) - Leicester Comedy Festival

Almost an hour of COMPLETELY BRAND NEW MATERIAL! Stand-up, characters and who knows what else... I'm not even sure.

21st February - ACMS - Haggerston

The last THREE times I've been booked for ACMS have been cancelled due to me having covid or everyone else having covid so FINGERS CROSSED I get back for one of my favourite comedy nights.

Then I don't have much planned because I'm finally getting married after my wedding was postponed a year ago!


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