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Did you hear something?!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Halloween is coming and I'm excited. For some reason, over the years I've found myself drawn into projects set in the afterlife or involving ghosts and ghouls... And I'm very much fine with that!

Here are some creepy and kooky podcasts I've been involved with that I hope will get you in the mood for the spooky season:

Murder mystery audio drama set in the London underground station that transports souls to the afterlife. Written and directed by Hillevi Gustavson and recorded at the Tambourine Studios in Malmo, Sweden. This dark, funny and often emotional seven-part series was incredibly fun to make. I play Siobhan who works in the station alongside Alex Lawther (Black Mirror, End of the F*cking World). It has a brilliant UK/Swedish cast and premiered at Lund Fantastik Film Festival in 2018.

Writer/producer Chazz Redhead is a comedy-horror master and I was thrilled to be part of this thrilling project during lockdown. This episode is part of his experimental "Pilot Season" and is set in a mysterious laboratory. It has an incredible cast but you may be surprised to hear it was recorded in isolation. Hopefully we'll all get to be in the studio together soon! I am also performing a WIP show with Chazz on 13th October at Rose & Crown, Kentish Town.

I'm sad to say that I don't actually perform on this weird and wonderful sketch show but I'm very proud to have written a sketch for this episode, The Office. The show was created by Charlie Dinkin and Zoe Tomalin and won silver for Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards. It is also written exclusively by female and non-binary writers. Fingers crossed for a second season!

The Improvised Movie Director's Podcast is a really fun and fully improvised show. This episode was the first to ever be recorded in front of a live audience. Every episode is hosted by Martina Minnow (Sabrina Luisi) who interviews the guest director (in this case me) but doesn't tell them their name or the title of the film until the show starts. The film titles are always hilarious and it's up to the brilliant improvisers to make the director's visions come together. You can also hear me on Who Framed Peter Rabbit.

You may already know that for a number of years I worked as a tour guide at the Real Mary King's Close in Edinburgh, which is apparently one of the most haunted places in the world. I was delighted to share some of my creepy anecdotes with hilarious comedian and writer Emily McKenna Winter (The New Yorker, The Today Show, NPR).

Considering I'm a massive scaredy cat, I'm surprised I stuck at that job so long.

Silly, dark and bundles of fun, this zombie-comedy-noir was written by improviser Brendan Way. It features a huge array of London's improv and sketch comedians as your favourite characters from horror and folk tales in a colourful supernatural world.

I appear as a dumb witted security guard in "Unwrapping the Mummy Mystery" and in "The Con-Test" as the Loch Ness Monster.

Weirdos Comedy presents this interactive murder mystery production at the Museum of Comedy from 29th-31st October. I am very excited to be part of this show in what will be my first IRL show with the Weirdos who are some of London's daftest comedy talent.

Get your tickets now or I'll come haunt you.

If horror ain't your thing but you'd like to hear more of my wee voice, then you can hear all other podcasts I've performed on here. And if you have a comedy-horror project that you think I'd be right for please get in touch...

(Me as a ghost getting ready for a party)


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