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Comedy in Improv Panel

I had a lovely time discussing the role of comedy in improv last Friday for The Nursery with their Artistic Director and Teacher Chris Mead.

I was in great company with these incredible other guests:

Jacob Banigan is a Canadian improviser living in Austria, teaching and performing impro around Europe. He is a storyteller in short form, long form, endurance shows and solos. Jacob has been improvising since 1990, when he began playing THEATRESPORTS with Rapid Fire Theatre of Edmonton, Canada. He worked as Artistic Director of RFT for nine seasons, creating of the long-form show CHIMPROV, the RFT Improv Academy, and Canada’s biggest impro festival IMPROVAGANZA.

Nasir Engineer is an Improv artist with 10 years of experience. He has co-founded ICB, India's biggest Improv company in Bangalore and been its Artistic Director for 5 years. He has also been the Festival Director of Bengaluru Improv Festival, India's first and only Improv festival. Nasir has conceptualized and performed in 100+ Improv shows across India and taken 50+ Improv workshops. He is also a storyteller and movement artist.

If you would like to watch the panel, a recording will be available here for the next few days:


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