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London Necropolis Railway

Keep your ears open for a brand new radio fantasy drama coming out this summer called LONDON NECROPOLIS RAILWAY!

Just back from three days recording at the gorgeous Tambourine Studios in Malmo, Sweden. The show is part of a larger project produced by Amanda Romare of Gabriel Klint Insamlingsstiftelse in which a variety of multimedia productions are being developed to communicate with young people about mental health and grief.

In this comedy/fantasy/drama written and directed by the marvellous Hillevi Gustafson of Moxie & Mayhem Productions, we follow a murder mystery in the London Necropolis Railway – the train that takes souls to the afterlife so they don’t end up haunting the already overcrowded London! (If you’re a Neil Gaiman or Philip Pullman fan this one is definitely for you!)

I had an incredible time working with these lovely Swedes and the hugely talented, international cast: Alex Lawther (Black Mirror, End of the Fucking World), Olga Amelia Silkina, Connor Jones and Patrik Karlson (The Man Who Killed Don Quixote). 

I play Siobhan, one of the main characters, who is in charge of the station platform where everything goes wrong. It was so much fun to play such a dynamic character who had a relationship with every character in the show – some more friendly than others!

This has definitely been one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on as an actor and I feel like I learned a great deal from everyone involved. Let’s hope this is the start of many voice acting jobs and maybe a second series…


The gang! (Minus Patrik and Connor)


Tambourine Studios (where The Cardigans recorded all their albums!)


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