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Improv for Business

Whether it’s in team meetings, client negotiations or that big presentation, being an authentic and effective communicator has never been more appreciated in business. Demands on your ability to engage and think quickly continue to increase but where in current corporate training can you find that edge?

A successful improv comedy team depends on these skills. They regularly rehearse to build high levels of attention and flexibility, as well as confidence and creativity. By practicing the same exercises that help improvisers keep their listening and team work sharp, you can improve your management style and discover that spontaneous flair.

The standard 1.5 hour workshop teaches the value of being in the moment, so that you may communicate more effectively by listening to each other rather than anticipating. As a result teams may also boost their creativity and find they are capable of achieving much more together.

If you wish to spend more time on one particular area, such as team building or listening, a bespoke programme can be tailored to your needs.

For a full breakdown of the sessions please get in touch at

“And now for something completely different! We thought we were a pretty studious and serious bunch until Charlie taught us that laughter can really be the right medicine. A brilliant contribution to staff wellbeing and team building.” – Richard Gregg, TBAP HR Manager


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